Man had to go through a terrible traumatic experience not only during the war but afterwards too. Men would often have battle wounds and still had the awful memories and nightmares about the war.

The men often had to hide and fight in trenches where they would often get trench foot.

the men had to fight packed next to each other tightly, often they had to sleep and eat there too.sadie

This is the conditions that the men had to stay in. They got trench foot because they would be in wet conditions as shown in the picture for long periods of time, and the men couldn’t dry their feet causing them to have trench foot.images

Women’s lives changes dramatically since there was now no men, due to all of them fighting, the woman had to take over the men’s jobs. Many worked in factories, in domestic service, textile manufacturing industry, clothing trades, commerce,  local and national government, including teaching. Woman still got paid less than men.

BY: Sadie Adams and Tumi Moyo