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What was it like for women and men at the battle front?

Men and women who took part in First World War dealt with some of the worst and highly brutal warfare ever known. There were millions of them who were sent to serve their country far away from home and for a long period of time.

In source A it shows us how difficult and dangerous it was being a nurse during the horror of WW1,also the nurse’s contribution and hard work was almost unnoticed at the time. This source was produced by Shirley Williams (British) during WW1 for the purpose of saying that woman contributed in WW1. Although woman were not much appreciated they did save a lot of people during war.

Now source B is a poem written by a flying instructor in WW1 but in WW1 only men joined/served the air force. This instructor wrote the poem calling the students “Huns” as they thought they were just as dangerous as the enemy.

Even though flying instructors thought the learners were dangerous some of them were successful like in source C painting. Source C is a painting of a French Biplane attacking german military train, this shows how brave the men fighting for their country.

Lastly source D shows how they would put memories of troops in the newspaper to show condolences and thanking them for there work also letting family know if family member or friend had past away.

So in conclusion there were some positives about WW1 as some fought well for country or died and remembered both for woman and men. Sadly there were also negatives as millions  and millions died and people lost family members and countries lost soldiers. Also women were almost as involved in  war as men again shown is source A but sadly not recognized or appreciated as much.

 DONE BY: Derrick & Blake