How was life like for men, women and children who stayed at home ?

65 million people fought in world war 1, but there were people who stayed at “Behind” and help the soldiers from “Behind” Men who stayed at home  ? People who stayed at home are mostly women and children, most of the man went to war and fought with bullets, and often, they are proud because they fought for their country.

There will always be exceptions, there were men who stayed at home and work because they don’t want to go to war. Hard life for them, they don’t need to worry about bullets go through their body but they can hardly live happily. Men who go to war and fought in the trenches were seen as Heroes, everybody respect them. And on the other hand, the men who stayed behind at homes were seen as cowards, mice and other irrespecutful descriptions.They were send to mines, hospitals, farms and was being labours. People will insult them although they haven’t done anything wrong.

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Some men got lucky and got some easy jobs such as a postman, newspaper delivery or even milk man. It’s also hard work but still, better than miners, farm labours or nurses. In source B, that man is a post officer. They must do exactly the same things as woman and they don’t like it.

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What challenges did people face ? Although it is at home rather than at the front line , people still were facing danger from land or air. Bombing was one of the main reasons that lots of citizens died in ww1 and all the bombing ideas were from the invention of Airship. Like in source C and D, people were scared of bombing.

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Although it was harmful but it is still a great invention and a breakthrough to the history and area of plane. It’s the new technology that can be useful in transporting and weapon. What advantages were there of being at the war ?  There were not much advantages in ww1, there were more disadvantages, but we are not talking about objective advantages, we are saying the personalities that they have learned. Most of the soldiers were teens and from the war, they saw a lot of things like death or friendship, they have learnt co operation and they grow.


The sources are more biased on the fact that a lot of men don’t want to go to the war or even scared of going to the war. Although they were seen as cowards and treated badly , they have their own reasons.

Life for women weren’t easy too, they need to do everything that their husband had let for them, children, house, the family. They suffered the fear of husband’s death, bombing from the German air ships, for a woman, its really hard to live along and doing all the jobs, but they are very strong in body or mind.

Men have been separated from the family, they not only fighting with their country also their family, no matter  which country nor their colour.