World War one was 100 years ago but people still remember it because it was one of the darkest and bloodiest page of history of 20th century.

People still celebrate the victory of the war and to grieve over the soldiers that died in the war. There were statues and books used to memorise the war and the people who sacrificed. When ever we thought of the war, we also make introspections, think over about what we need to achieve to earn peace and prevent more wars like this.

Every Country has their own ways to commemorate the war.

10051V350-10  Source A

This is the statue for the ones who died in the war, people would come and leave flowers,it is from london.

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This source shows a puppet show at France which shows a beautiful story about ww1. People invented new ways to represent the war so more people can enjoy it.

Unknown Source C

These ice statues are made by a British artist that is for commemorate the 5000 dead soldiers and when they malt on the stairs, the meaning is that they sacrificed.images-2 Source D

The meaning of the poppies is to represent blood from the soldiers who died in the war, although they have died, but still, poppies are the most beautiful flower in the whole world, and so is them. This photo was taken at the london tower.

Statues are made so that people will go to the statue and send flowers so that people won’t forget the ones who sacrificed.

There were also a lot of shows that represent the war. Maybe we wont forget the war for a time, but when next generations maybe the war will be forgotten. Only statues and books will save the time as a history.