How is World War 1 remembered today?

The 2 minute silence.A 2 minute silence at 11am on each Remembrance Sunday is observed at war memorials and other public spaces around the UK.We do this for memory of those who lost their lives for their country.

What role do memorials statues and poppies play?

Red poppies grew around the bodies of dead soldiers and this represented the blood.People realised that the poppies were a lasting memorial symbol to the dead soldiers by John McCraes poem Flanders Fields.We have memorial statues to remember and never forget the brave soldiers that fought for our country.

Source A shows a soldier walking through poppies,the poppies represent the dead soldiers.


Source B shows the poem that John McCrae wrote for the poppies memorial symbol.


Source C shows a statue of a soldier carrying another hurt soldier on his back , this represents what the soldiers had to go through at war ,they didn’t care about themselves .


Why is it important for us to commemorate the First World War in South Africa.

We should commemorate the ww1 because people tend to forget over time .We should commemorate the ww1 so we don’t forget it and also we should commemorate it to show respect for those brave soldiers fighting for our country.

Source D shows a school commemorating ww1 by planting plants around their

What is being done around the world specifically to commemorate the centenary?

We commemorate the centenary by gathering and saying different prayers :a prayer for those afflicted by war ,a prayer for forgiveness ,a prayer for peace ,sending out prayer.We commemorate the centenary by singing songs and writing letters.