Source a [photograph]

(Poppies are associated with Remembrance Day as they symbolise the sacrifice made in past wars)

Source b [artwork]
(Tower of London that marked the 100th anniversary of WW1 using 888,246 poppies remembering British fatality)

Source c [literacy]
(This is song lyrics made by Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon from WW1 that are taught at schools to remember WW1)

Source D [newspaper article]

(Newspaper article from WW1 remembering a great hero who lied about his age in order to fight for his country)

World War One which happened 100 years ago a tragic event, it is remembered today with the use of Poppies , memorials in a towns, cities and villages, plays and acts of remembrance done every year in November.

Poppies play a role in remembrance of World War One as they were red flowers that grew in natural conditions of disturbed earth after destruction of a war. They transformed empty land into fields of blood red poppies which happened to grow around the bodies of dead soldiers.

Now memorial statues role in remembrance of World War One is that they would make statues of brave and heroic soldiers e.g.: source D that fought for their countries and succeeded or died bravely trying to and then honoured.

In South Africa it is also important to commemorate World War One as some of our ancestors could have dies serving their country also the armed forces defending country and lastly because it’s one of the most tragic events because many people died in this war.

Around the world to commemorate WW1 we wear the Poppies also in source C we still study the WW1 and learn about sources from the time witch tells us how things were run back then.