Many men didn’t go to war because they saw the horrible life the other soldiers had to face including horrible diseases and injuries as seen in sources A and B , they also felt sorry for the families , and they didn’t want to leave their families behind.

In war men had to fight , or they could work in the country. People wanted the men to fight for the country as seen in source C , but many men stayed at home. Men that didn’t go to war weren’t treated nicely.
The families would be angry at the men that didn’t go to war. Men were used as cooks ,  and extra medical help etc…
Men that went fighting kept their jobs . Men who didn’t go to war worked in mines , post offices etc…
Source Ahorrible life od soldiers
Source A and B shows the horrible life of the soldiers , they were injured and got life threatening diseases and deaths .
your country needs you
Source C shows the posters that were posted around the country to try to convince young men to sign up for the army and to almost make them feel bad for not signing up almost as if they are letting their country down.
Many men didn’t finish they jobs when they went off to war so the women and children had to finish them off for them such as farming , delivering materials and becoming part of the police force these all became jobs for woman to also take part in . Children had to work to get money to support the family as seen in source D . Thousands of people tried to stop the war. Children were left by themselves when women had to go and work in the factories and war. Many women left their children and never came back. Many people died because of the harsh working conditions . Families had to split up because of world war 1 .
child woorking
Source D shows a child having to work in a factory with very dangerous equipment that could take off his hands if not used correctly
Source E shows women working in a mine doing a mans job because the men left to go to war.
War made men brave and strong . Men got respect as seen in source F ! They also got  freedom from going to war . The country got more security . There were a lot of disadvantages to war  , the country had to spend a lot of money on paying for weapons , food etc. People started hating other countries and they made more enemies easier .  People still remember the men that fought in the war.
we will remember
Source F shows a picture of the poppy flower showing that the people the fought in the war were appreciated