How is world war 1 remembered today ?

The world war 1 was very much remembered in Britain. it is the most important events in Britain’s history. the British where determined the men and women that was part of the war.

This started with a peace parade in July 1919, then they carried on with this every year after that called Armistice day. now people call Armistice day remembrance day. On November the 11th  the day the fight ended many people from different countries still have some sort of memory to the dead.

What role to memorials statues and poppies play ?

This shows a memorial for all the soldiers that have died in the world war this is why they call it poppies day or Remembrance day.

Why is it important for us to commemorate the first world war in south Africa ?

This is because after many years the British canalised south Africa.  As well as many people have died in the world war that are south African.

What is being done around the world specifically to commemorate the centenary?

  1.  Commemorative events have been held across Scotland to mark the centenary of out break of world war one.
  2. Every Year there is a special service at Glasgow cathedral was attended by Prince Charles.
  3. The service happens every year were among many events being staged across Scotland to mark 100years since the opening  of hostilities.

Source  A

world war 1

This source is to show that even though the world war has past, they still celebrate it for who has risked there lives for the others around them.

Source B

we will remember

Source B shows no matter who you are every person who has died will be remembered in the world war.

Source C

Family honours the youngest hero1_3000269_tcm11-17765

Source C shows that even young teens can be hero’s for there country’s  that they saved.

Source D

Source C

‘Fly Boys’ is a movie that was released in September 2006, based on the air raids in World War 1.

Source D shows use that even now they make movies to show how our ancestries lived in the time of the war.

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